Optometry Lead Generation Techniques

4 Optometry Lead Generation Techniques

How many patients does your optometry practice serve each month? How many do you have the capacity to serve? If there is a gap between those answers, chances are you need a better marketing plan that will generate more quality leads and drive more patients through your doors. With these online lead generation techniques, you may be able to quickly connect with individuals who are actively looking for a new eye specialist and optometrist, as well as those who otherwise may need one in the future.

1. Create and Market Videos

In recent years, videos have dominated web content – particularly for the purpose of marketing. Compared to one-dimensional written content, videos are multi-faceted, engaging the viewer with both visual and audio effects. Not only does this make them more memorable, but it is also more likely to hold the attention of viewers.

Perhaps it is a video that explains the difference between myopia and presbyopia. Maybe you create video content with tips for preventing cataracts. Whatever it is, a high quality video may even garner shares among viewers, which broadens your reach. Ultimately, more viewers can mean more leads – especially if you include a phone number or email address in your video, or otherwise link to a lead submission landing page. You can upload your videos to YouTube, your social media accounts, or even your own website.

2. Go Live

“Going live” is a social media marketing tool that allows you to utilize the power of video to connect with potential patients in real time. As a professional in your field, you can field questions and give answers about the topics that matter most to viewers. This is particularly effective when optometry-related topics are in the news, such as prior to a solar eclipse or when new research or technology comes out. This gives you an opportunity to build your reputation as an expert in your community, which may encourage future patients to choose you over a competing practice.

3. Implement One-Touch Calling from Your Website

Your website is a digital extension of your optometry office. It provides information, upholds your brand, and projects the image of your practice. Perhaps its most important role, however, is in lead generation. The goal of any optometry website is to convert visitors to new patients. With a customized web design, you can implement one-touch calling from your website, which makes it easier for users visiting your site from mobile devices to set up an appointment. Other interactive features can also generate more leads, such as an appointment request form.

4. Optimize Your Website for Local Search Results

Your website can only generate leads if you have plenty of traffic visiting it. That is why search engine optimization is so important; it generates organic visits to your website 24-hours a day. Of course, search engine requirements are constantly changing. It can be challenging for a busy optometrist to find time to stay educated about changes in search engine algorithms, not to mention make the changes and updates necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

You know that all of the individuals in your community should be regularly visiting an optometrist for preventive care. While you could participate in ‘blanket marketing’ that casts your nets far and wide, hoping to catch the attention of a few good leads, we use much more specific lead generation parameters, instead seeking the attention of individuals who are currently or have recently searched for a local optometrist or looked for information about optometric conditions and treatments.

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