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Custom Questionnaire

Custom Responsive Website Design Questionnaire

To give us a better understanding of your requirements and practice, please fill out this questionnaire and submit to us:

Feel free to email your Designer if you have any questions

Your Name (required)

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Do you own a domain name?

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Business Information

What type of audience/demographic do you have? (Age, gender, interests, etc.)

Name the cities/locations/zip codes your practice covers

What are your featured services?
Please provide a maximum of 10 featured services to use for on-page optimization.

What are your office hours?

Please list all your active professional and office affiliations

Please list all your current social media accounts

Business contact number

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Please write any other information you would like included on your website

Design Preferences

Are there any other websites whose design/look you like?

Please indicate your competitors websites

Please indicate current office/clinic colors to connect your website to your clinic

What color theme best represents the feel you would like to convey for your practice?

Light/white colorsDark/rich colorsEarthy colorsBright ColorsI am open to different options

Your Logo:
Doctor/Staff image:
Office Photo:

Marketing Plan

Do you have a plan to promote your practice to generate leads and attract more patients to your website?

I plan on using Google AdwordsI plan on using RemarketingI plan to send email shot to my patients for my new website I plan to use Social Media and blogging. I plan to have a newsletter I do not have a plan yet

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