The Building Blocks Of Successfully Marketing Your Medical Practice


Marketing has become a necessary part of having a successful medical practice. You can spare no expense in providing a high-quality experience for your patients, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you are bringing local patients into your practice. Your practice needs to be visible to your patients online. For example, if a potential patient is searching for an optometrist and types “optometrist near me” into their search bar, your practice’s visibility is reflected in where you show up in that search. The internet has become the primary marketplace for many. As such, it’s important to introduce tactics to raise your visibility in that marketplace. Solution21’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services provide your medical website with all the resources for a potent online marketing effort. We here at Solution21 have put this together to help provide your practice with a blueprint for a successful online marketing campaign.

The Importance of Content

Your content should serve as the stable base of your marketing campaign. Your content brings patients into your practice gives them an incentive to come back to your practice. If you are able to provide content in a timely fashion and according to an understandable schedule, then you will be able to both bring in new patients and get them coming back to your website making you all the more visible. Content has the power to mold a potential patients’ perception of your practice. Use content to give information about your staff, services and mission statement to name a few. Additionally, adding high-quality images to accompany written content makes your website more engaging to potential patients. Use your website to give your practice a personal feel.

Be Educative

Patients are more trusting of websites that are both consistent and educative. Often, patients will come to you wanting to ask for your input on minor things. It is beneficial to your practice’s mission to be a useful source of information to your patients to benefit their well-being. This gives you the opportunity to make it clear to your patients that you prioritize their well-being. Patients are more likely to come back to your practice when they know your goal is to treat them when treatment is warranted rather than your practice trying to bait them into coming in. Build trust in your patients’ local marketplace. A good way to go about this process is through written content such as blogs.

Make your Website as Available as Possible

Your intended market doesn’t all live the same lifestyle. It’s important to give content in a convenient and timely way. A good way to accommodate your busier potential patients is to produce easily digestible content for your website. Visual media like videos and infographics are a helpful way to give these potential patients a clear visual representation of your content. It is helpful to give your patients as many ways to digest your content as possible.

Similarly, one of the best ways to accommodate patients’ lifestyle is through a mobile website. The convenience of smartphones being both in your pocket and not needing a Wi-Fi connection to make those searches has made it the most common method for finding information and businesses online. Solution21’s mobile optimization services give your practice a website that is useful on different screens and mobile sizes. Combining a strong medical mobile site (responsive website design) with an abundance of content that feels convenient to the platform of choice can help your practice convert more potential patients.

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