A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Dental Practices


Marketing for Dentists

Modern dental marketing is moving towards the internet. As such, an important part of your dental practice’s growth will be using marketing strategies and tactics.  In order to help you market your practice, we here at solution21 think it’s important for dentists to understand how this online marketing works and helps your practice and your website. We’ve put together this little guide to show how the strategies and solutions we provide to dental practices.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategies and Solutions

A good place to start when marketing your practice online is by improving your reputation online. If your practice has struggled to find success online, it could have been caused by the lack of management on your online reputation. Negative reviews online speak much louder and can scare people away from your practice. Solution21’s reputation management services protect your practice from such reviews. We make sure your online image remains positive and your practice isn’t as easily dismissed by other practices.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Strategies and Solutions

Solution21’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services really help your practice stay competitive in terms of ranking on search engines like google. There are plenty of different strategies when it comes to SEO. Local SEO is used to make sure that when local people  type “dentists in my area” into their search engines, your practice is actively visible in those searches.   Keyword analysis is another strategy commonly used by SEO firms. This allows practice owners, like yourself, as well as SEO firms, like us, to see common keywords being used to find dental practices. Solution21 provides all of these services and then some.

Content Strategies and Solutions

Speaking of SEO, one of the best ways to help you in those rankings is producing content. Written content like blogs that are both easily found and helpful to patients. By producing interesting content that is both engaging and helpful to your user base. Solution21 provides your website with content packages and helps you maintain things like a blog. Solution21 provides a wide range of services to provide content in many different formats and be able to engage people on as many different levels as possible.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) Strategies and Solutions

Social media often plays a part in many of your patients’ daily schedules. Solution21’s Social media management services can help your dental practice show up on your patients’ feed. Social media does more than just that though. It gives a good line of communication between you and your patients, which builds their trust in your practice, which is very important for potential patients. It also gives a much more personal feeling to your practice. Solution21 also provides social media advertising which can make it easier for potential patients to find and communicate with you over social media.

Solution21 is a leading full-service online marketing company based in Irvine, California. We specialize in Website Design for dentists, SEO, PPCReputation Management and More. Schedule an online marketing consultation by calling Solution21 at (888) 423-9235 or filling out our contact form today.

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