Advanced SEO to Optimize Your Practice Website

To accommodate the rising number of patients searching for their physician or dentist online prior to booking an appointment, your practice needs two important things: a high-performing website and your searchability.

Using the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) when creating content for your website is a sure-fire way to raise your organic ranking so your potential patients can find you on top of the search list— the key element in bringing in new revenue-generating patients. Optimizing your practice website is an exciting way to bring your practice into the modern world.

SEO Key Factors

Combining all the factors below will help determine how search engines rank your website among your competitors. Be sure to build on your online presence with SEO in mind.

Content the actual words or text on your site
HTML– the programming language used to build the site
Architecture– refers to the structure, while considering the way users interact with your site and the content search engines use to crawl your pages
Link Building– a comprehensive tactic that involves linking to and from reputable websites
Location- important if your practice is focused on the local market, best to incorporate your location into your content to help narrow it down

SEO Best Practices

Strategic placement of key terms throughout content- The keywords/phrases you want to appear in response to searches should be used occasionally in the text on your website. Using a keyword once per 100 words is a safe rule to follow.
Keyword research and analysis- Find out exactly what terms are your potential patients looking for before creating your content. Through Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you can determine what people are search for online, including volume and geographic area.
Hyper-localize search terms- If you’re located in highly-competitive area like Boston, you need to engage in more Advanced SEO to compete for the top ranks in search results. It’s much easier to rank higher in a community-based searches, like “pediatric dentistry West Roxbury” or “cosmetic surgeon Irvine”.
Keep an active blog- Discuss topics relevant to your practice through your blog, giving your more room to use varied search terms. By regularly creating content on your blog with inblund links, your practice will appear in relevant search terms.

SEO Practice to Avoid

Keyword stuffing- Avoid using excessive keywords within your text. You will actually get you penalized by Google and placed further down in search rankings.
Getting too visual- Having too many photos and graphic arts on your site may look nice, but it can slow your website down, specially if the visual elements are not optimized for web use. A slow loading time will turn off your visitors, eventually negatively affecting your site’s search rankings.Poorly-written content- Creating quality content with SEO requires skills and experience. If your potential patients visits your site and finds useless or hard to understand information, it’s highly likely for them to turn to your competitors for their medical or dental care.

Main SEO Benefits

Branding Opportunities- As anyone in marketing will tell you, branding is what sets you apart from everyone else. Advanced SEO allows you to couple this branding with increasing the visibility of your practice. By having targeted SEO content, you are making sure that your practice shows up in search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for related keywords. The higher the quality of your SEO content associated with your practice, the higher the probability your practice’s website will rank on the first page of search engines, resulting in higher visibility to potential clients.

Insight into Customers- Why optimize your dental or medical practice with SEO? To help you understand your patients. Using an SEO checklist shows you the best ways to track search results and website hits, allowing you to see what your patients are most interested in. This means that you will be able to see what people want so you can adjust your practice accordingly. SEO makes it easier to know what your patients are looking for and what they want from you.

Brings Traffic to Your Business- SEO brings traffic to your website. Having more traffic increases the likelihood of someone patronizing your practice. A good SEO allows your potential clients to see exactly what you are all about and what you most want them to understand about your practice. Having this customizable content at your fingertips can be an incredibly buoy to your practice.

Optimization, if done correctly and professionally, directs traffic to your website and to your practice or business. Having more web traffic increases the likelihood of someone visiting your practice. A good SEO allows your potential patients to see exactly what you are all about, the services you provide and what you most want them to understand about your practice. Having this customizable content at your fingertips can be an incredible plus to your practice.

Get  Professional SEO Help

We can put together customized Advanced SEO strategies to get your prospective patients interested in your medical or dental services. Contact Solution21 medical, healthcare, and dental SEO specialists at 949-336-7575 for more information.

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