A Whole New Multi-Screen World: Digital Marketing for Cross-Platform Consumers

Google Infographic: The New Multi-Screen World

So, TV has been taken over by digital platforms and 90% of consumers move between multiple devices to accomplish a goal. Google’s new study called, “The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” was released yesterday revealing how consumers are behaving and navigating in the new digital world of cross-platforms and multiple screens.

Key points of Google’s blog post are:

• 90% of media interaction is screen based.
• 77% of television viewers use other devices to watch their favorite programs, half of this use smartphones, while 34% use laptops.
• 67% of digital shoppers used multiple screens in sequence to shop.
• 19% of shopping on smartphones was planned, 81% was spontaneous due to increased accessibility on mobile platforms.

Digital Marketing, The Way Forward

The research shows all of the facts that marketers need to know about how consumers behave across multiple platforms. Furthermore, it signals the end of traditional marketing and heralds the power of digital marketing. It solidifies the facts that much of the consumption are now happening on screens and how deftly we use these multiple devices together for shopping, seeking or consuming information.

And How is This Study Relevant to Dentists, Surgeons and Medical Specialists?

This study reveals compelling reasons for dentists, surgeons and medical specialists to have a complete web presence in promoting your practice and services, and engaging your potential patients with digital marketing.

At Solution21, we understand the tremendous marketing potential of digital platforms in promoting your practice. Our custom website design and digital marketing solutions are geared towards making the right connections between you and your potential patients and driving them to your practice.

Google infographic can be found here

About the author.Victoria C. is Director of Design and Marketing at Solution21­­— a leading U.S.-based dental and medical website design and digital marketing company. She has more than 20 years of media, design and marketing experience. She orchestrates all design, advertising, and marketing projects of Solution21.

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