8 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Help Your Medical Practice


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8 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Help Your Medical Practice
Blogging is not just for individuals to share personal stories or companies to market their products. Blogging can also benefit your medical practice and can be incredibly important if you are interested in attracting new patients and retaining current ones. Below are a few advantages of having a regular blog on your medical practice website:

1) A rise in web traffic due to more content

Studies performed by the Pew Research Center show that at some point in time, approximately 70% of individuals surfed the internet to learn more about health and wellness. If your website continually posts fresh, quality content on a regular basis, the chances are higher that these potential patients will come across your practice’s website. Many medical practices benefit from blogs that cover topics about healthy living including medicine, food, fitness, and nutrition.

2) SEO works hard at promoting a website to search engines

SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is utilized to help websites achieve a higher status on common search engine websites. A good example is the common Google search. If your website isn’t found until the eighth page of results, chances are, no one is going to dig deep enough to find out. To boost your website’s chances of being on the first or second page, it is important that you utilize search engine optimization techniques to drive local traffic to your website.

3) Profits will increase

When it comes to visitors, practices that have successful medical blogs will be able to make more money, not just in new patients, but in other money-making ventures including affiliate linking. Wad views will boost revenue quickly with increased traffic.

4) It sets the right tone for your practice

Before potential patients even meet you, you can give them a lasting impression through your blog. By using your authority and professionalism, you have the opportunity to connect with a patient and provide them the information they are looking for in a casual, conversational manner. This first impression can be the barrier from visiting a website to making an appointment at your practice.

5) Increased opportunities for marketing via social media

Today’s modern business must consider social media marketing. Whether you’re a dentist or an oncologist, it is essential that you take advantage of the most popular method of advertising via social media platforms. Some of these sites include Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Informative articles about certain conditions and disorders are not only found on social media but often shared. This provides a free and effective alternative to paid marketing campaigns.

6) Supply and demand

The Pew Research Center found that approximately 2% of individuals looking online for medical advice were willing to invest in it. If your website provides free and easy-to-read, informative content about specific medical issues, chances are, you’ll benefit from the other 98% seeking advice without having to reach into their wallets.

7) Improved lifestyle changes for your patients

When you are regularly posting blogs to your website and reaching out to your patients on a daily basis, you are able to encourage individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle. Articles about exercising regularly and eating right, delivered daily, may make a true difference in a patient’s life. With continual reminders, patients are more likely to absorb and act on this knowledge than those who only connect with their doctor a few times a year.

8) Promotional benefits

By having a blog on your medical practice website, you can advertise each and every service available at your office. Some potential patients may not know that you treat certain conditions. Highlighting a disorder or disease and offering ways to recognize symptoms can engage a patient and educate them on your services, while a “call to action” paragraph at the end of the blog post to make an appointment can engage an individual and make them more likely to connect with your practice. This content will be much more effective than just posting a list of conditions you treat and services you offer on your homepage.

The perks above are just a few of the advantages in blogging as a medical practice and focusing on it as a marketing tool. Starting a blog and maintaining it with the ideas in mind above is a great way to build your patient base or even just improve the loyalty of the patients you already help on a regular basis. Working with a professional company like Solution21 who has medical marketing experience is a great way to begin and maintain a successful medical practice blog.

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