8 Useful Facebook Tips for Dental and Medical Practices


Approximately 80 percent of people use the Internet to research health information – including reviews and information about new doctors and hospitals. Many of those people use Facebook as a pre-visit consultation. They draw their first impressions from their experiences online and may even visit a social media page before stumbling upon a practice website. Patients are paying close attention to how many fans are on a doctor’s Facebook page, as well as the nature of the conversation on the page and whether the dentist or physician is interacting with patients online. Your Facebook page is an integral part of your business, and it must be maintained and updated frequently.

1. Take Control of Your Online Presence
If you don’t take control of your reputation online – someone else will. Many doctors feel too busy to manage a Facebook page in addition to an office and website. But whether or not you create and manage an office Facebook page; your practice is being talked about. The question is whether you are a part of the conversation. It is imperative that you not only join in the online dialogue, but also assume responsibility for it. You have the power to direct the majority of the public’s online perception about your practice by establishing, maintaining and promoting an active Facebook page.

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