8 Things Every Dental Office Should Consider When Designing a New Website


8 Things Every Dental Office should consider when designing a New Website

If you own a business in today’s society, it is crucial that you have a web presence. A website is especially important if you are a dental professional just starting out with a brand new practice. Attracting customers is a priority at this point to ensure you have enough business to make ends meet in the earliest stages. An easy-to-remember domain with a quality website with special features can help bring in the right kinds of patients to your practice for their first appointment with the hopes of retaining their business for a lifetime. Several details and considerations should be taken into account when creating a new website from scratch for your dental practice. Below is a sampling of eight considerations to keep in mind.

Practice Description

The moment a potential patient visits your website, they need to see specific information regarding your practice and what makes it unique. Provide a practice description on the home page of the website. Keep it short and concise.

Overall Appearance

Website design is not only about a web presence, but about a brand’s look. Make sure the website is appealing, and that it ties into your practice’s character. Your website is an extension of your business and should be inspiring, eye-catching, and professional. Provide links and menus to make the site easy to navigate so potential patients are not frustrated when trying to find the information they are seeking.

Staff Information

Patients want to know who will be taking care of their dental needs when they arrive. A dental practice should always include staff bios and credentials, along with photos, somewhere on the website so patients can put a face to the name. It also allows patients to “size up” the dental team in terms of education, training, and how long they’ve been practicing. Personal information including family dynamics and hobbies should also be added.

Virtual Tours

By adding a virtual tour to your website, patients have the opportunity to view the practice before they even step in the door. They will see the equipment used and technology available to the dental staff. Photos or videos of the procedure rooms, waiting room, and other areas of the practice gives potential patients the chance to feel comfortable with the practice in which they may be receiving services. It is not uncommon for dentists to deal with patients who have dental anxieties, so seeing the facility beforehand may reduce this nervous energy for patients uncomfortable with unfamiliar environments.

Procedure Specialties

Dentists don’t always provide the same services and procedures. It is important for a website to indicate the treatment options available and whether or not the practice focuses on additional services such as sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or implant dentistry. Some of these procedures may set a dentist apart from their competitors and bring in patients ready for a wide selection of services.

Insurance Coverage

If you accept dental insurance, this is definitely a selling point for your practice. List the insurance companies you deal with and provide patients with contact information such as phone numbers to call for clarifications.

Contact Information

Speaking of contact information, it is crucial that contacting the practice is easy and convenient. In addition to providing phone numbers, offer online forms and direct email addresses so it is fast and simple for potential patients to get a hold of your practice.


While most dentists offer services during standard business hours, there are several that provide after-hour services or weekend appointments. This may be incredibly important for busy families and should be promoted.

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