7 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media

Dental and medical practices may find it hard to turn a profit from using social networks. Monetizing your social networks requires time and expertise. In this blog, we feature 7 effective ways that could help your practice turn a profit through social media network.

Engaging your Audience
Interacting with your audience is ultimate way to monetize your social media. To be more effective, start a conversation or some type of dialogue with your audience. Running an effective campaign, advertising, and even creating your online store is all about engaging with your audience. It is much easier to promote your services and practice when you got the attention of your audience.

Special Promotions
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are excellent channels to reach out to your current and prospective patients by providing special promotions such as coupon codes, discounts, or new services. The viral nature of social media could result in a rapid and vast response from your audience. To generate bigger response, your practice could offer a large prize to every person who shares your promotions to their friends through social media channels.

Creative Campaigns
All of the special promotions mentioned above can be a part of a creative campaign for your practice. By introducing multiple creative campaigns, your audience will come back for more incentives and offers, keeping your flow of social media monetization. Creative campaigns is more engaging visually and generates more interest from your audience.

Social Media Insights

Facebook Insights offer a granular analysis and understanding of trends within your user demographics, consumption of content. Insights provides Facebook Platform developers and Facebook Page owners with metrics around their content. Understanding Facebook Insights is critical for monetization. You will have the ability to understand the trends and create campaigns and post content specifically catered towards your specific audience.

You can create several ads on Facebook that target your audience based on their location, demographics, and interests. Learn more about Facebook advertising here.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are a direct line of communication between your practice and your loyal and new patients. You can build your mailing list inviting them to your social media circles and actively engaging them.
When you treat your mailing list like a preferred method of contact, your audience feel a special connection to you as their healthcare provider. This presents your practice various opportunities to maintain communications with your audience outside the social media.

Cross Promotion
Promotion across all social media can increase monetization. Make your campaign go viral by sharing your content across all social media. YouTube is a great place to start. Wherever you want to share video, start with YouTube and send a link. Youtube allows you to share and go viral with your content while watching your statistics on a single social platform.

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