5 Important Elements of a Lead Converting Dental or Medical Website

When deciding on your practice website, there are some important elements that must be integrated into your dental or medical website design in order for it to effectively convert traffic into leads, and leads into patients.

Here is Solution21’s  five important elements of a lead converting practice website that you should take into consideration to reach your site’s full potential:

Your Own Domain Name

You have to own your domain name. Choose .com domain name because it is much easier to remember and make sure that your domain name is relevant or matches your practice name. This can be tricky because most likely the name you want has already been taken. You just have to come up with clever and creative alternatives. Do a little bit of research and check www.whois.sc for availability. It may seem irrelevant to think of your domain name before you even launch your practice website, but you will be sorry once your practice is established and you find out the perfect name for your business is already taken.

Easy Navigation

You want site visitors to be able to easily navigate your website, find what they’re looking for, and contact you should they have any questions about using your services. If your site is difficult to navigate, you make it hard for potential patients to avail of your services, and you make it difficult for them to get an appointment. Difficult or complicated navigation simply means means losing business to your competition.

Professional and Functional Practice Website Design

The ultimate reason why you should let a professional design company like Solution21 design your practice website is because you get judged by the look of your website. Potential patients make decision as to whether they like you or not for their dentists or doctor, or whether to trust you or not, within a few seconds of opening your website.

Yes, your read it right. The decision they make all boils down to whether you have a professional looking web design to begin with. A sloppy design can harm your reputation and your practice. If you have the technical background, creativity, or even the time, to do it yourself, good luck. If you don’t, it’s best to hire a company that does just that for you.

Patient Reviews or Testimonials

It is not obligatory to display patient testimonials, but it’s a fantastic idea to display patient testimonials on your website at every opportunity. Why? Because what your patients say about you or your services is the ultimate influencing factor! When people search for care providers, what your former or current patients say about you help influence their opinion and decision to seek your services. It does not matter when you say how good your are. What matters most is what other people say about you as a care provider. It’ll do your practice good to sign up for reviews and rating sites such as RateaDentist.com and ZocDoc to provide a place for your patients to put in a few good words for you.

A Thorough About Us Page

Only a few dentists, doctors or care providers put much thought into this part of their website. Before a visitor to your website decides to contact you, it is most likely that they will visit and navigate to your About Us page to get to know you better before finally deciding to contact you. They dig in to find out more about who’s going to be treating them and get some background about the people in the team. It pays to highlight your educational background and achievements, even include what you do outside your practice. Some potential patients may decide on seeing a dentist or doctor who share the same passion for, say, fishing.

Make sure that your practice website has all the important elements we listed above so you can reap the full benefit of your online presence. For more information, contact Solution21 or call 888-423-9235 today.

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