5 Great Tech Holiday Gift Ideas

With all the gadgets, gizmos and apps out there these days, it’s never been this difficult to figure out what’s truly gift-worthy. What’s the latest? What’s cool? What works? Solution21 has put together a list of 5 creative picks that are sure to delight everyone.

Solution21 gift idea #1 Xbox
Xbox One

With Microsoft issuing a doctor’s note prescribing everyone to play with it, Xbox One is set to hit the shelves today! Hot on the heels of Playstation4, this much awaited next-gen console is a good start. Voice activated to change from playing a game of Call of Duty to surfing the web to using Skype or watching a movie. Nothing beats the surprise that comes in receiving a console for a gift and spending the holidays gaming with family and friends.


imageBrookstone iConvert Scanner for iPhone and iPad

Rid you wallets and drawers of piles of receipts, bills and paper documents with Brookstone’s iConvert Scanner for iPhone and iPad. Extremely portable, this scanner sharply captures images in seconds and coverts it to JPEG files and saves straight to your device. Enjoy clutter-free holidays!

imagePSB M4U 2 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This high performance headphones is built and designed for the audiophiles who really want to get up-close and personal with their sound. PSB M4U 2 is on the pricey side, but its comfy earpads, above average ambient noise elimination and awesome sound quality makes it well worth the price.


Solution21 gift idea #4 Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast

Say goodbye to huddling over the small device screens and speakers. The tiny and mighty Google Chromecast lets you enjoy your online entertainment, such as movies, music and internet, on your giant HDTV. Connecting it to WiFi allows you to send videos and more from your smart devices to your TV!


Solution21 gift idea #5 Dental and Medical WebsitesSolution21 Website

Having a new website to celebrate the holidays and welcome the new year is the best thing you can do for your practice! Solution21 has created dental and medical websites that are proven and endorsed by top dentists, surgeons, veterinarians, chiropractors and medical professionals across the US and Canada. Sign up for free evaluation of your website and let us do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays!


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