4 Digital Marketing Solutions for Cosmetic Dentists


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4 Digital Marketing Solutions for Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry is in greater demand than ever before thanks to ever—expanding technology that has made a perfect smile the reality for many patients. Of course, cosmetic dentists also face many challenges, from reputation management and lead generation to ways they can become more memorable and attract the right patients to their practice. In today’s post, we review four ways digital marketing is transforming the landscape for cosmetic dentists and how it may just help your practice, too.

1. Controlled Publicity

Dentists enjoy giving back to the communities they serve in, as well as those in need. Cosmetic dentists often provide low-cost or free smile modification services to underserved individuals – services they would not have access to without the generosity of hard-working dental professionals.

Unfortunately, the only press that is easy to come by is bad press, which only hurts your practice. It seems like it does not matter how much good you do if news outlets and online reviewers only gravitate toward negative stories and experiences. Likewise, many are also misrepresented in online reviews from disgruntled patients, employees, and perhaps even competitors.

Without the right strategy, it can be difficult to overcome a bad reputation. However, by partnering with an experienced cosmetic dentistry marketing service, it is possible to better control the types of reviews potential patients see first. You can also harness the power of digital and social media marketing to let others know about the many ways your practice is making a positive difference in domestic and foreign populations. In some cases, positive publicity about your practice can be a stronger influence than standard advertising, effectively driving new traffic to your office in response to your goodwill. It can also help establish a long-term reputation as a compassionate and generous member of your community.

2. Online Marketing for Invisalign and Other Services

Cosmetic dentists often perform elective services that are not covered by insurance. Those that are insured may only provide coverage in part, leaving a major cost burden on patients. Not to mention, dental technology is constantly changing and evolving with revolutionary new treatments that offer exciting benefits and outcomes most patients are unaware of.

Online cosmetic dental marketing can change that, allowing providers to highlight the specific services they wish to promote. Many online marketing campaign ideas for cosmetic dentists revolve around the promotion of the practice as a whole – not specific service types. Instead, we encourage our clients to leverage their marketing efforts in a way that benefits them most, whether that means raising awareness about a first-of-its-kind service within the community or competing with other providers for the business of patients who are shopping around for specific services, such as Invisalign, dental implants, or veneers.

3. Brand Identification

Branding is and always will be a foundational component of successful marketing practices. Your brand should crossover between your physical and digital marketing efforts, helping existing and future patients recognize and remember your practice when exploring new treatment options.

Online marketing helps spotlight your practice, giving it constant exposure via multiple marketing pathways. It is important that your ad copy be consistent across all of your marketing materials. That could mean using several different branding components, such as specific imagery, a slogan, a logo, a jingle, or even a mascot. Whatever you decide on, it should be clear, concise, and memorable. It should also captivate and exemplify the culture of your practice, as well as plainly convey the types of services you offer.

4. Targeted Markets

One of the biggest challenges cosmetic dentists face is narrowing down their audience to attract the specific market that is most interested in their services. With traditional marketing efforts,  it is nearly impossible to advertise only to specific audiences – especially those who might only be interested in a specific cosmetic dental procedure. With digital marketing, however, cosmetic dentists can utilize a wealth of consumer information available through various media platforms in an attempt to speak only to the targeted market.

Finding a Cosmetic Dental Marketing Team

As a cosmetic dentist, you know the importance of quality over quantity. You also understand that a professional digital marketer can typically do much more with far less than an inexperienced practice owner can do by himself. When it comes to marketing your practice, we recommend partnering with a team of professionals who can drive new traffic through your doors and help you grow your practice in the years to come.

Here at Solution21, we offer personalized marketing techniques that are specifically adapted to meet the needs of cosmetic dentists and other health professionals. We can help you develop an effective advertising campaign, promote specific services, better establish your brand, and manage your online reputation. For more information or to request your consultation, contact our office today

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