10 Important Features and Elements of an Effective Dental Website


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10 Important Elements & Features Of An Effective Dental Website

The key features of a good dental website must be both helpful and engaging with existing and potential patients who are looking for a dentist. Ideally, web developers and designers should include relevant data about the practice and the dentists and present them in a visually appealing way. Below are ten essential elements and features of a great dental practice website.

  1. Engaging Photos

Photos can help you encourage, inspire, educate and also motivate your patients to get treatment and choose you over other dentists in your area. The photos on a dentist’s website allow online visitors to learn a little more about the practice. Having before and after procedure photos can help convince potential patients of your skills. Images of the waiting room, the assessment rooms and even the exterior of the building all help online visitors get a better idea of the practice’s environment. If the dental office looks clean and inviting, an online visitor is more likely to contact the office to schedule an appointment.

  1. Concise Website Copy

The text on a dental practice website should be written in short, informative paragraphs. Most online users who are searching for a dentist want information about the practice in a matter of minutes. In fact, most online visitors skim through the writing they see on dental websites, so they can gather what they need to without reading the entire page.

  1. List of Offered Services

Some dentists offer all types of dental services, from a simple cleaning to performing more complex procedures like root canals. Other dentists specialize in certain procedures, such as sedation or implant dentistry. Showing updated and comprehensive lists of conditions you treat and dental services your practice offer will make it easy for potential patients to determine if you offer the treatment they’re looking for.

  1. Information About the Dentists

Whether there is one dentist or six dentists working in your dental office, a lot of prospective patients want to learn more about their dentist’s background. Providing as much information about a dentist’s educational background, training, certifications, awards, specializations and years of experience can attract visitors to give your practice a call.

  1. Age Range of Patients

Your dental website must include information on who your dentist serves. Some dentists only treat teenagers and children while others treat people of all ages. By presenting this information to online visitors, you can save them time and help them contact a dental office that can accommodate them.

  1. Personal Stories

A collection of personal statements is another feature of a great dental website. Online visitors assessing the dental practice may relate to some of the personal stories they see. For example, a personal story may be shared by a patient who experienced tooth pain for a long time until the dentist analyzed the problem and found an effective solution. Another patient may talk about how afraid he was of visiting dental offices until he met the dentist and the staff of the practice who made her feel comfortable.

Some personal stories can be written and published on the website while others can be uploaded as videos.

  1. Emergency Services Information

If your dental practice provides emergency services, you should include that information on your website. It is even more effective if your dental website lists examples of dental emergencies that your dentist(s) handles. A list may include abscess or a painful cavity, a broken or lost tooth.

  1. Office Hours

Showing your dental office’s hours of service on your website is very important. Some dental offices keep regular business hours while others also hold office hours on weekends. Finding the hours of service on a dentist’s website should be easily seen and accessible for all online visitors.

  1. Office Directions and Contact Information

The contact information of a dentist should be easily available in the design of his or her website. The location of the office, phone number, email address, fax number, and even an emergency number are all examples of contact information that your online visitors may need. Basic directions to the dentist’s office are helpful to any patients who are unfamiliar with the area or live on another part of town.

  1. Customer Review Page

Most online users looking for dentists expect to see testimonials, reviews or what other people have to say about the practice. So, it’s beneficial to dedicate a page on the website filled with reviews of the dentist and the practice. Sometimes a great detailed review can convince a potential patient to stop by your dental office or call for an appointment.

These are just few of the many features and elements you can have on your dental website that will help convert visitors to patients. Other unique touches like background videos or music can also enhance the effectiveness of a website. Dentists should have this list on hand when hiring website design companies, like Solution21, to ensure the company will deliver attractive and effective dental website that can convert visitors to actual patients.

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