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Dental & Medical Marketing

Attracting patients to your office requires tactical marketing and skillful promotion. However, as a healthcare professional, your time is valuable. For you to invest the time and efforts required to reach new patients on your own is counterproductive to your practice.

Instead, you need the knowledge and expertise of online marketing professionals who specifically understand the needs of your specialty (dental, medical, optometry and chiropractic).

Solution21 takes a comprehensive approach to medical marketing in the digital age. We combine the very best of local and social search marketing methods, allowing your practice to explicitly focus your efforts on your targeted patient demographic. We specialize in internet marketing and can further develop, improve, expand or enhance your current Internet marketing methods. We will optimize your website for search engines and create a customized online and social media marketing campaign that will help you develop a detailed and highly structured online presence. Although marketing is never easy, the assistance of the team here at Solution21 can make it straightforward and trouble-free.


Why choose Solution21 for your
SEO and online marketing needs?

At Solution21, dentists, physicians, chiropractors and optometrists are not only our priority, but the solitary concentration of our online marketing efforts. While other internet marketers work with businesses and organizations of all types and associations, your practice benefits from working with an online marketing company that only accepts clients with a healthcare specialty. Our nine years of healthcare marketing experience helps us give our clients an edge up on the competition. We know what works for health care providers, and we will never waste your time with outdated or unnecessary marketing schemes.

Our commitment is to streamlining your marketing efforts to help you gain favorable Google search engine rankings, maintain communication with your existing patients, and reach new patients in your community. At Solution21, integrity is paramount and a fundamental principle in the way we do business. We will not mislead you or make empty promises about the results you should expect. We believe that the client should always be pleased. Because we do not require long-term contracts, if at any point you are dissatisfied with the services you receive, you can cancel your partnership with us.

With Solution21, you are teaming up with SEO professionals who prioritize your satisfaction and the marketing success of your practice. We know that you will find our fees fair, competitive, and affordable. By choosing Solution21 to handle your social media and online marketing efforts, you can spend your time doing what you do best – providing excellent care to your patients.

Internet Marketing Services from Solution21: Individually, our services are precise and effective. But together, they work to synergistically catapult your practice into a highly competitive digital brand in your city. We have multiple internet marketing, social media, and SEO services to choose from.



Imagine being capable of tracking previous visitors to your website to provide them with targeted offers designed to bring them into your office. With Solution21 remarketing services, you can use dynamic imagery and captivating ads to seize the attention of potential patients who have already demonstrated interest in your practice. Request more info, call 888-423-9235 or read more about remarketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With regards to the internet, Google is king. If your practice is not on the first page of Google results for your locale, you are missing out on a significant number of potential patients. By enhancing your website’s search engine compatibility, you can take advantage of the financial benefits that organic search has to offer. And with Solution21, you pay no monthly fees until we successfully move your website to the first page of Google search results. Request more info, call 888-423-9235 or read more about SEO (search engine optimization).

All-Inclusive Advertising

Paid advertising is an essential part of any aggressive marketing strategy. We are a results-oriented company, and we know how to help your practice develop relevant ads that are guaranteed to be seen by your targeted demographic. Our flat rate pay-per-click advertising services are fair, effective, and designed to help you utilize your marketing funds in the most efficient way possible. Request more info, call 888-423-9235 or read more about online marketing, pay-per-click management.

Social and Local Marketing

Social media is a cornerstone of communication in today’s media-savvy world. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and your practice’s blog are the most effective ways of helping medical and dental practices find new patients and maintain relationship with existing ones. Many practices experience exponential growth by implementing social and local marketing strategies. At Solution21, we customized your network identity to enhance the overall visibility and accessibility of your practice. Request more info, call 888-423-9235 or read more about social marketing and local marketing.


When you take advantage of the website design and development services available through Solution21, you can choose to take advantage of our beneficial branding services and products as well. We have an adept and proficient graphic design department that can cultivate an attractive and appealing image for your practice. Our branding services seamlessly works for both online marketing and offline marketing, such as postcard design and brochure design. Request more info, call 888-423-9235 or read more about branding.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and online marketing for healthcare professionals, no one beats Solution21. Whether your existing online marketing efforts need to be improved or your practice doesn’t even have a website, our team can tackle all of your online marketing needs – big or small. Don’t let another day go by without optimizing your online presence. Call us today!